2023 Pricing

Memberships at Brookwood Golf Club
There are three classifications of non-equity memberships offered at Brookwood. All privileges conveyed through membership are also available to the spouse of the member and all the unmarried children living at home up to and through the age of twenty-three. All members and their family members may enjoy the golf course, pool, and tennis facilities with no additional charges. The classifications of membership are explained below.

Resident Membership
As implied, this class of membership is limited to the families that reside in the Brookwood subdivision. Anyone moving into the subdivision has a right join to join the golf club. Resident members have responsibility for annual dues.

Returning Non-Resident Family Membership | Golf, Swim & Tennis | $3,240.00
The balance of available memberships (250 maximum) is allocated to nonresidents. This classification of membership carries all the same use privileges as residents with the exception that they are not allowed to have their own golf cart.
The course is closed on Mondays.

New Non-Resident Family Membership | Golf, Swim & Tennis | $4,450.00
This includes an initiation fee of $1,750.00.

Non-Resident Family Social Membership | Swim & Tennis
There are a limited number of nonresident family social memberships available at Brookwood.
This membership allows the family to utilize the tennis and swim facilities.
The initiation fee is $850.00, and the annual dues are $900.00.

Guest Policies
All members are allowed to bring guests to enjoy the facilities (currently, a member cannot bring the same guest more than twice each month). There is a greens fee and a small charge for use of the pool and tennis courts by Brookwood guests. A Brookwood member must be part of the golfing party on the course, as the member assumes responsibility for the conduct of his or her guests.